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While Away Dog Walking is Northern Westchester's premier daily dog walking service.


We operate Monday through Friday from 9 am until 6 pm.


Let our knowledgeable pet care professionals take care of your pets large and small! Our Services Include:


  • Multiple daily visits

  • Pet shopper (pet supplies from local stores)

  • Mail/Newspaper collection

  • Pet transportation to groomers and vet offices in the local area


Lets Take a Stroll

While Away's cat sitters are a special breed of feline lovers well versed in caring for shy cats, bossy cats, and everything in between. We'll give your cats fresh food and water, scoop the litter, and check on them to make sure they're healthy and happy. Cat visits available 7 days a week and include mail/parasol pickup. Full progress reports are included, so you can know whether your animals are naughty or nice!

Our Services

For our canine clients, we provide mid-day/daily walks, or occasional visits. Our visits are customized for the needs of your dog. We know how important exercise and playtime is for all dogs. They will be happy, tired and less likely to be destructive in your home. Full progress reports are included, so you can know whether your fur babies are naughty or nice!

30 min | 45 min

Daily Visit


We know how much small animals need companionship. We are specially trained to anticipate your small pet's needs and provide social interaction and play. We can care for your entire family of pets including frogs, birds, fish, rabbits, ferrets, turtles, and chickens. visits available 7 days a week and include mail/parcel pick up. Full progress reports are included, so you can know whether your animals are naughty or nice!

While Away provides safe pet transportation using equipped vehicles with crates and safety belt clips for your pets.
A caring pet chauffeur will escort your pet wherever they need to go. We can schedule a regular visit, or a onetime trip to the groomer, vets office, kennel or vacation home without you taking time off from your activities. Our services are offered in the local area only. Rates available on request. Airport pickup available.

Daily Visit



For clients that are away/on vacation, we provide mail/parcel pick up and a house check to make sure things look normal. We go in the basement to check oil tanks and visit each room in the home to make sure there are no leaks from storms etc.

Your sitter will clean up the poop in your yard. This rate is for up to 3 dogs and 1 acre of property. Areas over 1 acre can be evaluated and a quote will be given at that time.

Hard chew toys are soaked in a solution of 50% hot water and 50% vinegar. They are then scrubbed to remove any stubborn debris.



Up to 5 indoor plants is included in your basic service, but do you have more plants or gardens that need attention while you’re gone? If so, we’re here for you! (Extra rates apply)

New York State Sales tax is an additional 8.375%.

While Away Dog Walking's Pack

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